Dzogchen Teaching

Dzogchen is an ancient spiritual teaching developed in Tibet within the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. It does not belong to a school or religious system. Rather, it is the knowledge that masters have transmitted without being limited by sectarianism. The word ‘Dzogchen’, meaning ‘total perfection’, actually refers to the true inherent nature of all beings, their primordial state, which is free from all limitations and conditioning. The master’s transmission of this state of knowledge lies at the very heart of the Dzogchen teachings.

Dzogchen is transmitted from Master to Master till today without any interruption. That’s why it is really effective and alive and people receiving  this transmission are lucky indeed because by means of the introduction given by a fully qualified Master, they can experience or, in other words, recognise their real nature, their authentic perfect condition. By applying the several methods of Dzogchen teaching, it is very possible to go through a quick spiritual growth and personal evolution, learning at the same time to live in a more relaxed and peaceful way in spite of all the usual problems we have to cope with in daily life. Receiving Teaching represents a wonderful opportunity to get in touch with a Master of Wisdom who transmits the teaching, introduces this knowledge, explains different methods and practices and, above all, teaches how to integrate this knowledge in daily life working with all the secondary circumstances which might occur.